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4, … “And by the way, neither of us are leaving until you take a sedative—and I want to see you down the whole dose.”, Keefe clutched his heart. Hope you enjoy! But please, for the love of all that’s breathing, don’t let it have sparkles!”. Instead, he admitted, “I don’t know what to give her.”, “And don’t look at me,” she added as she sauntered for the door. “I still want you to take tonight to rest, though,” Elwin warned. . She needs a friend. Nov 20, 2020 - #KeefeLoversUNITE. He’d been trying to fit them together for hours. Well . From that point on, he only had one goal: to be whatever Sophie needed. she looked back at him and said the two words that tipped his world sideways. “You are never going to figure that out!” Ro screamed as Keefe continued the plink-plink-plinking. asked a little girl, stumbling into the room. Stay with... Ro has made a bet with Keefe: Tell Sophie how he feels, or she will. The paperback edition of Flashback includes another short story from Keefe's perspective. She doesn't know ANYONE, and she's pressured because she is the first new kid at Foxfire High school in years... "You're not mad?" “Unless you want weapon advice, I have no idea what makes you elves swoon. Markie Lucas. Closing herself off fro... Keefe wakes up from a long coma in order to regain strength. "i'm pregnant." “Okay, I was not expecting you to get all deep on me.”, “Not saying it isn’t. This is how I smile now!” Keefe tightened his jaw and raised one eyebrow. “She could be heading to Nightfall right now.”, “If she is, I’m sure she can handle it,” Elwin told him. #1 in Sokeefe 10/6/202... Sophie grew tired of the constant Neverseen attacks that were terrorizing the Elven population, along with her friends and family. Keefe glared at both of them, wishing he still had some of his favorite elixirs handy. Some romantic oneshots for your single souls. Along with the lovely news that his recovery was still taking forever, Elwin had also let Keefe know that Sophie had apparently already gone to Nightfall, and that her family hadn’t been there. ... Just a Small Truth And Other Sokeefe Story's by TEAMFOSTERKEEFE927 reviews. “But let’s hope your gift idea is more exciting.”, “It is. 20 notes Dec 12th, 2019. “Oh good!” Ro said. But now that he knew the noise annoyed Ro . It’s so obvious it’s actually adorable. “You get why, though, right?” Ro asked, slicking blue paint across another claw. kinda. There’d been hurt. "Mom?" Fitz’s short story was all about HIM working up the courage to tell Sophie about HIS feelings and figure out if she had any in return. Caution: CONTAINS A LOT OF SOKEEFE FLUFF! Sophie Foster's Summer Break is over and now it is time to dive into her Sophomore year in High-school. Make sacrifices. “You have ten seconds to float back to bed,” Ro warned, without even glancing over her shoulder, “or I’m tying you down and covering you with flesh-eating bacteria.”, Keefe ignored the jolt of pain in his side as he pumped his arms, swimming through the air. When they first meet in the 4th book, Neverseen, they started out with mutual dislike of each other. And now that I’ve sufficiently warned you—*pauses to give you one last chance to flee*— the pages you’re about to read cover what Keefe was up to during his recovery. “You figured out what to buy for your little girlfriend?” Ro asked, peeking her head into his room. It’s going to take me a little while to make it—but it’ll seriously top every gift she’s been given before.”. This story takes place before the events of Flashback. But Keefe knew Sophie had to be panicking. Make as big of a mess as you want. High quality Keeper Of The Lost Cities gifts and merchandise. And if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll check on her every day and give you updates—but only if you promise to stay in bed.”. about KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES. Keefe and Sophie need each other, but Fitz and Sophie only want each other. . “You really think your mom hid something important there?” Elwin asked as Keefe gulped down the sticky, sweet sedative. “I’ve got it!” Keefe shouted, raising his arm and pumping his fist—which didn’t hurt anymore. The world is full of secrets...who's job is it to uncover them? “If this is a trick . So now some part of her always assumes that everyone has those kinds of thoughts about her, even though she can’t hear them anymore.”, Ro blinked. Sophie Foster doesn't remember she's an elf. “I might be willing to believe you,” Elwin told him, “if you weren’t gritting your teeth every time you move.”, “What? “Elwin, Elwin, Elwin. Especially when my mom’s the one calling the shots?” Keefe countered. He flashed a red orb around Keefe’s torso and squinted through his glasses. Click here to read a short story told in Keefe’s POV (which was included in the Barnes and Noble Exclusive Edition of NIGHTFALL) FOXFIRE ACADEMY ASSETS. In " Neverseen", whenever Sophie needs somebody to lean on, Keefe would be there for her, and whenever Keefe is sad or about to shatter from his mom, he knows that he can lean on Sophie. “I know we love to tease Sophie about all of her emergencies, but the truth is: She’s a survivor. Jul 2, 2019 - Explore <3's board "ch. First chance he got, he was sneaking out of Alvar’s apartment and heading straight to Havenfield. “If you make that noise one  more time I’m going to shove those pieces somewhere you’re really not going to like.”. Keefe’s short story was all about HIS feelings for Sophie, but he was going to wait for HER to decide what she wanted with life, what SHE wanted. And it made Keefe queasier than the Gurgle Gut. You know that, right?”. “Give her a chance to cool off—”, “I don’t have time,” Keefe interrupted. 7-20-18 reached #1 i... Sophie, Biana, Linh, Fitz, Keefe, Tam, and Dex are all in a huge love knot. In short, Keefe was selfless, Fitz was slightly selfish. This is a Sokeefe story! . He couldn’t stop thinking about the burst of emotions Sophie had hit him with as she left the healing center. Keefe: It was summer… and it was hot. Elwin sighed. I’m all better!” Keefe promised, waving his arms and almost knocking over the ugly lamp on the table next to the bed. Ro stomped into his room. “No trick,” Keefe promised. “It’s only for a week.”. “You expect me to believe you have flesh-eating bac—”. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. After all we’ve been through, do you really not trust me?”, Elwin held out a round, clear vial. Ro said something else, but Keefe didn’t catch it. ), you might want to wait. Wow, I didn’t even think about that.” Ro giggled as she crossed the room and sat beside him on the bed. Struggling to lift weights is one thing, struggling to move your... Sophie Foster has just finished her first semester of her freshman year, and now it's time to go back to school. Especially since she’s totally clueless about it. [COMPLETED] This story is about Keefe finally telling Sophie he loves her! She poured a single drop onto her finger, and the  dark blob immediately dissolved her skin into a bloody hole. Keefe reached for the vial. He needed to get her another lead to help track down the Neverseen. “Nope.”. . KEEFE! . Righty, so there doesn't seem to be an active Crossover RP so here I am making one! — Shannon Messenger. Jun 13, 2018 - How I feel towards Keefe, Foster-Keefe and the overall series! Then the bed rest isn’t helping, so I don’t need to—”. Keefe yelled back, his eyes wide as he felt his torso. Watch Queue Queue So imagine these scenes happening at the same time as all the crazy stuff Sophie & Crew are doing during chapters 36–60 of this book. Nope, no need to deny it. “Uh, do you realize how many times Foster can almost die in a week? “That’s your problem right there. ... Keefe Sencen has always wanted to escape from reality. Story added by livys on June 25, 2020. #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #teamfosterkeefe #keefesencen #sophiefoster | keefe sencen" on Pinterest. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works "You just kissed me, Foster. Keefe is a fun loving prankster who uses jokes to cope with his family life. I forbid it. She frowned and put her own arms around his torso holding him against her. All paths lead to Nightfall—an ominous door to an even more ominous place—and Sophie and her friends strike a dangerous bargain to get there. Keefe Short Story with Bonus Legacy Chapter #2 Alright, so Ald*n Vacker did a big bad and here’s why: He’s proud of being a father to two children (yes I said two I did NOT fucking stutter), and he’s had good memories related to parenthood, and so he associates the word “father” with good things. Keefe Sencen (42) Sophie Foster (Keeper of the Lost Cities) (38) Biana Vacker (34) Dex Dizznee (27) Linh Song (22) Tam Song (21) Sophie Foster (14) Edaline Ruewen (13) Grady Ruewen (11) Include Relationships Sophie Foster/Fitz Vacker (58) Sophie Foster/Keefe Sencen (20) Dex Dizznee/Biana Vacker (8) Keefe Sencen/Tam Song (7) “Ohhhhh, that’s true. You make everything a joke. It’s my brooding, mysterious look.”, “Is that what you’re calling it?” Ro asked, plopping next to him and bouncing the mattress so hard that Keefe almost let out a yelp. Keefe Short Story with Bonus Legacy Chapter #2 Alright, so Ald*n Vacker did a big bad and here’s why: He’s proud of being a father to two children (yes I said two I did NOT fucking stutter), and he’s had good memories related to parenthood, and so he associates the word “father” with good things. Sophie needed his help. “Both of you need to take it easy,” Elwin warned, “or I’m bringing Keefe to my house and putting Bullhorn on guard duty.”, “Um—he’s, like, two pounds of fur,” Keefe told him. “All I’m getting is wannabe bad boy.”. She’d been so smug when she’d wrenched the pieces from his hands to give it a try that Keefe had laughed himself hoarse when she’d failed. And a deep, overwhelming disappointment that had made it hard to breathe. kotlcposts. Team Foster-Keefe for the win! KEEFE! He likes to make bets with Ro, his ogre princess bodyguard and made her call him Lord Hunkyhair after she lost one of their bets. “I got the last piece to fit! Go To The Keeper Recipes. SPOILER ALERT! “I seriously need your help. But Foster’s not ready for more than that—trust me.”. I can even take it apart and put it back together. Sophie: Keefe wrote something about me on that paper and I want to see it! Once again, he stopped himself from cluing Ro into the whole square-that-was-now-a-triangle mess. I WROTE THIS BEFORE LEGACY Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; kotlcelli. Go To The Keeper Art Galleries. In her opinion, Summer went by WAY too fast. His ears had started ringing, and his head had gotten way too spinny. And he was all set to argue—but for some reason “Yeah, I’m an Empath,” slipped out. There hadn’t just been anger. Elwin didn’t have any other details—except that everyone was safe. Three weeks since Keefe was seen by Sophie and her friends. "Dad?" He handles guilt by becoming increasingly more reckless. But the last piece was ridiculously stubborn. But first he needed to get out of that bed, so he was more than a little relieved when Elwin finally gave him the all clear during his evening checkup. “Hey, don’t look at me like that—you know it’s true.”. Dex is stronger then him, zero muscle Dex! “Sorry,” he told her. And now that I’ve sufficiently warned you—*pauses to give you one last chance to flee*— the pages you’re about to read cover what Keefe was up to during his recovery. “Fine. It's time to change tactics. The more you rest, the faster you’ll recover. “I know. It sends way too many mixed signals—especially for a girl with all that complicated stuff messing with her head.”, “Maybe. Years of dealing with his dad had taught him it was easier to pretend to cooperate. I know this is such a random thing to be bringing up but the fact that Keefe’s been friends with Fitz for years and still has the gall to think this is how it works is genuinely hilarious. Direct quote from Keefe Sencen. “Just like I thought. “Because she grew up hearing every less-thanawesome thought anyone ever had about her—even from her parents and sister and stuff. “No. Side note on that: He was pretty sure he didn’t want to know why the whole place reeked like rotting toenails. As they go through the challenges of her friends and family, (Grady) she finds out that Keefe... Sophie Foster is now a Level 6 prodigy at Foxfire. “Why your girl doesn’t get how much you liiiiiiiiiiike her?”, He sighed. “I can live with a little pain.”, “It’ll be a lifetime of pain if you don’t listen to me,” Elwin corrected. ------ Click To Download. Nahrávejte, sdílejte a stahujte zdarma. Oct 16, 2019 - This is from the Flashback (paperback) short story. “See? I don't think that's a reason to be angry." when i tried to do forkleman he guessed councilor bronte and then i tried to do tam, and i screwed up because i forgot all elves have blue eyes. He’d managed to slip some Hush Slush into Ro’s dinner the night before and wiped out her voice for eight glorious hours. KEEFE! “We’re moving from denial mode to sulky boy. Sophie is a teenaged girl who has struggled to fit in in the human world, but then finds out why- she’s a genetically manipulated elf designed by the rebel organization, the Black Swan. The Neverseen have had their victories—but the battle is far from over. Keefe’s short story was all about HIS feelings for Sophie, but he was going to wait for HER to decide … Huh, I never thought about how brutal your elf-y abilities could be. Story added by the2ndavenger on June 21, 2019 Twelve-year-old Sophie has never quite fit into her life. Don’t worry, the bonus Keefe hilarity will still be here when you’re ready! And I’m in it? kotlc fitz vacker keeper of the lost cities sophie foster legacy shannon messenger keefe sencen dex dizznee biana vacker tam song linh song. “I’d have a way better chance of finding what you’re looking for,” Ro said, “if you let me smash the place.”, “Fine by me. Ro stalked into his doorway with a bottle of blue nail polish  in one hand and half-painted claws on the other. She doesn’t need a hero. But with how observant she seemed to be, she’d probably figure it out on her own soon enough. Keefe Sencen. "This isn't funny, Keefe, why are we in the same bed?" You’re worse today.”, Keefe tossed back his covers. Scrambling. This video is unavailable. See more ideas about Aesthetic, Character aesthetic, Feelings. Sophie shrieked, her hair like a rat's nest on her head. ... Keefe Sencen. Sophie was there… A lonely grey couch… ”OH LOOK!” cried Ned, and then the kingdom was his forever. “What, this noise?” Keefe asked, jingling the four weird bits of twisted silver and gold that Ro had brought him back from Candleshade. With matchmaking coming up, what will happen and who will they choose? “That must drive you crazy.”. “You’re not off bed rest until the morning.”, “Be glad,” Ro told him after Elwin left. ,” Ro said, not bothering to finish the threat. (Completed). Bonus Keefe Story. Keefe is such a good person, and all I want is for him to be happy. Sophie Foster is broken. “Look! Adventure Romance Keefe Sencen Sophie Foster ... Keeper Kotlc Keeper Of The Lost Cities Ro Sokeefe Team Foster Keefe Foster Keefe Sokeefe Fanfic The title basically tells you everything you need to know, but here are some short and sweet SoKeefe stories! “Well, all I’m saying is: If you’re looking to earn her forgiveness, ‘Here, Sophie, have this creepy thing from my mom’ isn’t going to do it. “No, I’m mad because you’re only doing this to try to fix things with yourlittle girlfriend and it’s not going to work.”, But after several seconds he had to ask, “Why isn’t it going to work?”, Ro snorted. Dex, Fitz, Keefe: NO! Romance Short Stories Kotlc Sophie Fitz Keefe ... Biana Keeper Keeper Of The Lost Cities Sophitz Sokeefe Anaya Shannon Messenger As Keefe snoops around he sees something he wishes he hadn't on Sophie's dresser. . . The hand by her sword said the rest. After regaining contact with the Black... Sophie Foster just moved to California and she's not ready. Sophie Fosteris struggling. And since then, he’d managed to fit three of the four pieces together. “Wow, you really have it bad, don’t you? “I’m fine, okay?” he told Elwin. But I was talking about this!” He held up a small gold-and-silver square. Just a guy ready to listen and help and be there for her. You have to do challenges (so far I've counted Face Your Greatest Fear, Save Someone You Love, Stay Sane While You Can Hear Everybody's Thoughts, and Body Swap). Sophie Foster is an outcast and she's finding it hard to have a reason to keep fighting in her life. “I need to find out what these are, and since someone isn’t letting me get out of bed, it’s not like I have anything else to do.”. ), you might want to wait. keefe kotlc sophie fitz biana dex sokeefe tam keeperofthelostcities linh sophiefoster sophitz keefesencen neverseen marella keeper foster fitzvacker sencen tiana 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot Go To The Keeper Series Page. #Fitz vacker #vackers #happy Vacker land #Keefe sencen #Sencen #kotlc #keeper of the lost cities #Shannon messenger He was pretty sure she’d also put Gurgle Gut in his breakfast for payback—though if he was right, at least she’d suffer as much as he would when the gurgles broke free. Fitz: Keefe, isn’t that the short story you were writing? “Fine.” Keefe reached for the elixir. //PLOT// You have been taken because your fandoms are taking up too much room in the Inter-Dimensional Fandom Continuum. Add it to the list of reasons I’m glad I’m not one of you. Some angst, some fluff, but I think they're all pretty cute. . I am not a Sophitz hater. Ro leaped across the room, blocking the window he’d been levitating toward, and pulled a small black bottle from her breastplate. Dex: Why don’t you read it to her? She’s skipped multiple grades and doesn’t really connect with the older kids at school, but she’s not comfortable with her family, either. So if you want to say you’re sorry, get her a real present.”, And somehow he managed to stop himself from saying  presents are Fitz’s thing. Or why Alvar had felt the need to cover every surface with mirrors. He is a very good artist and is proud of his infamously awesome hair. After the death of her older sister, Jolie, she becomes overwhelmed with grief. But she knows one thing: she will not be defeated. And she has lots of powerful family and friends to back her up.”. If that’s what it took to get Ro to Candleshade, he’d deal with it. But nothing c… Especially if you parade in there like you just saved the day. Maybe even time for Sophieto trust her enemies. “My mom hid it for a reason.”, “I’m sure she did,” Ro agreed, twisting her nose ring. 2 Vote No . It was released on the 8th of October, 2019. The Barnes & Noble special editions of Nightfall, Flashback and Legacy include short stories from the perspectives of Keefe Sencen, Fitz Vacker, and Tam Song, respectively. Re-examine everything. Sophie has just found out she's Unmatchable, and she's been feeling conflicted lately. “But I’d rather you just take another dose of tissue regenerator and get some rest.”. ❥ KEEFE! Sophie-Keefe is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. He didn’t care what anyone said. Things just got interesting in elf land!”. KotLC Character Wikis Alliance He is a … She starts off her y... ❛ I CAN'T GET ENOUGH See more ideas about lost city, the best series ever, the fosters. WHEN YOU SAY MY NAME ❜ Okay, fine, maybe he was a little—but he was also scheming. I want to read it! “Okay, Miss Smarty Pants, what’s your theory for the Great Foster Oblivion?”, She held up her hand, blowing on her blue claws. So he chugged the medicine, even though it stunk worse than Alvar’s stuffy apartment. "No. It wasn’t even the worst part—but he managed to stop himself from bringing up that. "I don't know, Foster, but why are we so grown up?" Grieving. “Fine,” Keefe mumbled, slumping down under the covers. This’ll be fun!”. “You’re just mad because you couldn’t figure it out either,” Keefe shouted back. “Good thing you’re not trying to swoop in and save the day anymore, ’cause that’s definitely not going to do it.”, “Hey, this is still important,” Keefe argued. Sophie Foster is the mysterious friend of Keefe’s best friend, and she’s intriguing yet, somehow, relatable. The Neverseen has been put down and the war has been won. “I can always pry those pouty lips open and pour it down your throat,” Ro added with a smile that showed every single one of her pointed teeth. "-Keefe Sencen, "Have you? Sophie is captured by the... "I have to go soon, it's almost 5," he whispered. 0 Vote Yes. “Now you have some time to figure out how to make your girl forgive you.”, “Oh, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of that.”. It is revealed in the Nightfall special edition short story that Keefe has a crush on her-and that he'll always be waiting until she was ready for more. Shannon Messenger is the original author. I know the trick now.”, Ro smirked. . Elwin patted him on the shoulder. But somehow she’d managed to find all of his stashes—even the extra well-hidden ones. On June 18th, 2019, it was announced that an additional short story from Keefe's perspective will be published along with the paperback edition of Flashback. He sank into his pillow, feeling a hand gently squeeze his shoulder. Even the rest of this paragraph isn’t safe, so if you snuck back here because you’re channeling your inner Silveny (KEEFE! She'... A kotlc fan fiction taking place right after Legacy. All she wants... ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Sophie: Short story? You … “I think I can handle him.”, “I’d love to see you try.” Elwin dug through his satchel and pulled out a deep purple elixir. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Read Keefe Sencen from the story GONE. Then he was lost to his floaty dreams, most of which focused on the gold-flecked brown eyes he could never get out of his head. (But mostly Keefe and Sokeefe. ... , How To Highlight Short Hair Without A Cap, Super Lotto Lottery, New Game! In fact, he’d been ready to throw them across the room. i was playing around with akinator and he got sophie, dex, and keefe. Even when he waved both arms around. “Try not to look so miserable,” Elwin said, taking the empty vial. But you need to get your strength back.”, “Plus, she doesn’t want to see you,” Ro reminded him. But that’s not what I was talking about.”, He had a feeling she was never going to let him live it down if he asked, but . “Then take care of yourself. You found my prank stashes so easily that I’m hoping you can do the same with whatever my mom hid at Candleshade.”, “Because Elwin’s here now, and you’ll need him to leap you there, since I’m still not allowed out of this stupid bed.”, “You’re not,” Elwin agreed. Browse through and read the keeper of the lost cities short stories fanfiction stories and books. Don’t worry, the bonus Keefe hilarity will still be here when you’re ready! He managed to get one foot on the floor before Ro bodyslammed him back to the bed, triggering a throbbing spasm that felt like a gremlin was chomping on his lungs. His fingers were already itching to get started on it. I am not a Fitz hater. “I’m supposed to be one of them,” Keefe argued. Click here to read a short story told in Keefe’s POV (which was included in the Barnes and Noble Exclusive Edition of NIGHTFALL), If you haven’t read Nightfall yet, SPOILER ALERT! Not that he cared—he had big plans to trash all of Alvar’s stuff as soon as he was done hiding out there. Really short one. And bonus points if you destroy my dad’s statue.”, “WOO HOO!

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