questions to ask a stockbroker

But even if they are not, don’t raise a red flag. diversification, Getting feedback after an open house can provide valuable property-specific information as well as candid advice for sellers. The 10 Questions Brokers Should Ask Shippers Even if you’re an established broker with a healthy customer list, there’s a lot of reasons why you might be on the hunt for additional shippers. A typical stockbroker will cite experience, past successes, and other reasons. Most firms, even the smaller regional ones, have some, investment banking business. Question 8: If you are such a good investor, why are you wasting your time with me? 18. The essence of asking questions is not to make your stockbroker look stupid. Furthermore, those same research analysts are under pressure to promote these companies to their retail brokers, who, in turn, are under pressure to sell them to their brokerage clients. Question 9: Do you personally trade in the securities that you recommend to me? There is a downside, though. Do I have the ability to shadow under a top producing agent? This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.com Ratings. There are many different brokers out there that offer varieties of the same basic service. for an evaluation of the fund's risk-adjusted performance. After all, your money is at stake here, and you should be in control. Your mortgage broker will need to assess your finances before they can determine which lender is most suitable for you. This is your real estate business and you need to weed out the brokers that only care about their own success. You should ask if the manager or broker also sells real estate, because their personal production could have a bearing on how much time they have to help you, or it may even conflict with you. Mortgage brokers can be key players in identifying the best home loan for their clients. The problem arises when brokers are asked to support the investment banking side of the business by hyping those same stocks to their customers, an obvious conflict of interest. We’ve got 10 questions (and the answers) you can ask potential agents to find out which one is right for you! Keep in mind though, that unless you ask these questions specifically, your broker will probably never tell you. Figure out what’s in it for you. But they are also under tremendous pressure to bring in big underwriting fees. market indices, The question is a doozy that helps you differentiate the really experienced stockbrokers from those who blow smoke. What structure of business entity formation is typical? You need to determine your stockbroker’s margin requirements, such as your initial margin as well as maintenance margins. market value. So the more he gets you to buy, the more money he makes. Your best defense is to arm yourself with as much information as you can when choosing and dealing with a broker. But again, the system works against them. If possible, ask to see their credentials. Which Lender is Best For my Financial Situation? Many bank customers think that whatever they buy at the bank is covered by the same FDIC insurance coverage. A question that prompts the manager … There is tremendous pressure on the brokers to sell these stocks to their clients. This can save you a ton of money in commissions. Many large real estate brokerages charge a 3% to 8% “franchise fee” on top of the commission split above, so using the example above, the broker would receive 40%, the franchise fee would be 5% and you would receive 55%).3) Do you offer a commission cap?A commission cap is the maximum amount of commission that the brokerage will keep each year. Here, I have put together a list of 10 tough—and deceptive questions—to ask a potential stockbroker to weigh their worth before deciding whether you should go with them or not.

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