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Middletown Police said the Eversource subcontractor had finished repairing a line when the tree fell on him. In California, rare low-elevation snow was reported in Calabasas, Northridge, Pasadena, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, the Santa Clarita Valley, Corona and the Temescal Valley, according to the National Weather Service, at elevations between 700 and 1,100 feet. The list of 2018-19 winter storm names has been revealed. The storm had already claimed two lives in California earlier this week. A portion of Interstate 90 was closed by the snow and wind in southern Minnesota. First introduced in 2015, this is the fourth year Met Éireann and the UK Met Office have jointly run the ‘Name our Storms’ scheme, aimed … Winter Storm Quiana was a cross-country snowstorm that brought snow to the West and Southwest, including Las Vegas and the hills around Los Angeles, dumped an all-time record calendar-day snow in Flagstaff, Arizona, then moved into the Plains and upper Midwest, where it produced blizzard conditions in 9 states. U.S. 24 was closed near Napoleon, Ohio after a big rig slid off the road and blocked lanes. November 26, 2018 As Storm Diana is set to batter Britain with with tournament rain and fierce winds, this is how it all works. Thursday evening, 6,200 homes and businesses remained without electricity, according to poweroutage.us. Dulles International Airport picked up 10.6 inches of snow while Reagan National Airport measured 10.3 inches. Harper dissipated on January 20. Scott dissipated on March 4. Which City Is the Worst for Fall Allergies This Year? Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina picked up 11.1 inches of snow Dec. 8-9, its third-highest December snowfall on record. Wesley did not strengthen enough to meet the most commonly used definition of "bomb cyclone," which is a surface-pressure drop of 24 millibars in 24 hours. Light snow was reported in parts of Oklahoma and Texas, including the Dallas area, early Saturday. Colorado state climatologist Russ Schumacher tweeted it was the lowest pressure on record there since at least 1950. Fox, 48, of Sunrise Beach, Missouri, died when his Polaris off-road vehicle ran off the road and rolled over at 12:40 a.m. Saturday on Route F, south of Sunrise Beach, the Highway Patrol reported. Snow drifts up to 6 feet high were reported in southeastern Minnesota and parts of Iowa. No snow fell in downtown Los Angeles, however, keeping a snowless streak alive there since January 1962. That prompted a closure of Interstate 94 in eastern North Dakota. Amtrak announced Friday that it would be modifying its service in the Midwest and Northeast because of the storm. Lubbock, Texas, officially received 10 inches of snow Dec. 8, ranking as one of the snowiest calendar days on record there. Winter Storm Scott formed on March 1. Yucca Valley, west of Twentynine Palms, picked up 9 to 12 inches of snow, and 7 inches of snow was reported east of Barstow. Kansas City International Airport reported 4.3 inches, but it picked up some of the lowest amounts of snow in the metro area. Harper spread some snow through the Rockies and Wasatch on Jan. 17 while continuing to provide snow in the Sierra and Cascades. Bronagh (UK/IE), Elena (FUB), Knud (Danish Meteorological Institute, also Norway and Sweden), Mauri 18 (Finland). For example, in the past we have seen Ophelia and Lorenzo, both named by the National Hurricane Center (USA), and Emma by IPMA (Portugal) hit Irish shores. Wind gusts to 66 mph in Rochester, New York, were strong enough to pick up trampolines in the area. This would cause a very active storm season similar to the 2013-14 season, and the 2004-05 season. The SSI of the 2018-19 season was 38.567 inches. Snow levels dropped on Feb. 22 in the Four Corners as Quiana pivoted across the region. The 22nd storm would be named Tropical Storm Alpha, the 23rd would be Tropical Storm Beta, and so on. The three previous seasons each had 22 named storms. It was only its 12th day in which at least a foot of snow fell in records dating to 1935. Quiana spread into the Plains and Midwest Feb. 23. Minnesota Gov. Winter Storm Wesley formed on April 8. Overnight on November 14, an Ice Storm Warning was issued for Central Indiana, which was the only region to be under one during the storm. Mount Washington, New Hampshire, measured a wind gust of 171 mph on the evening of Feb. 25. Scottsbluff and Chadron, Nebraska, also neared blizzard criteria but did not quite achieve it. Mother Nature’s Light Show Stuns in Northern China, Crewed Chinese Sub Reaches Earth’s Deepest Place: The Mariana Trench, China Tests Engine that Can Go Anyplace on Earth in 2 Hours, Cold or Flu? Wesley dissipated on April 13. It officially began on November 15, 2018, and ended on April 30, 2019, with the exception for Mauritius and the Seychelles, for which it ended on May 15, 2018. This year the first storm will be ‘male’ and named Ali, while the second storm will be ‘female’ and named Bronagh, following the alternating male/female pattern established by … Atlantic Pronunciation Guide (PDF) Since 1953, Atlantic tropical storms had been named from lists originatedby the National Hurricane Center. The names will be used in alphabetical order to identify winter storms that meet objective naming criteria based on National Weather Service winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings and ice storm warnings. Cars were seen off the road on Interstate 81 near Roanoke that afternoon. Winter Storm Scott entered the United States through Northern and Central California late March 1 and brought snow to the Rockies through March 2. Lemmon northeast of the city. Mudslides and flash flooding forced evacuations and necessitated several rescues while higher elevations in the southern Sierra Nevada picked up 6 inches of snowfall. Roanoke, Virginia, reported a snow total of 15 inches Dec. 9 – the city's heaviest calendar-day snowfall for the month of December – with 2 inches of that falling in an hour. The six lists above are used in rotation and re-cycled every six years, i.e., the 2019 list will be used again in 2025. The storm caused travel woes across the Plains on Friday as it pushed toward the Midwest. Winter Storm Ulmer formed on March 11. Snow had also accumulated on vehicles in El Dorado, Arkansas, and flurries fell for a time early Wednesday morning in Memphis, Tennessee. The list of winter storm names for the 2018-2019 season. Wesley also impacted efforts to prepare for more normal springtime weather — several states in the storm's path cancelled tornado drills that were planned for Thursday as part of National Severe Weather Week. Winter storms are named at The Weather Channel for those systems meeting strict NWS criteria. Beginning on March 9, 2019, TGMC would use its new "New TGMC Blizzard Scale", based on points, it would be used on a scale from 0-100+ points. Met Office announces list of storm names for 2018-19 This is the fourth year the Met Office and Met Eireann have jointly run the ‘Name our Storms’ scheme cambridgenews This would mean it would be one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record for the Great Lakes and Northeast. A wind gust of 80 mph was measured around 12 p.m. MDT March 13 as heavy snow was falling. Take control of your data. Warnings continued Thursday evening from parts of northern Nebraska into much of South Dakota and portions of southeastern North Dakota and southwest Minnesota. At one point Sunday morning, more than 13,000 Ohio customers were without power, according to poweroutage.us. It was, I mean, what could you do?" High winds were also widespread in areas that didn't pick up any snow. The University of Buffalo bookstore suffered roof damage from these high winds. The names list was compiled by a team from both The Weather Channel TV and weather.com. Ice accumulation also downed trees and power lines in parts of south-central Missouri. While Denver's wind gust to 80 mph sounds impressive, one Colorado city recorded even higher winds. Later, on Veteran's Day, the Douglas Hurricane Center (DHC) released their prediction that it could range from the least active to the most active season on record. Interstate 35 was also closed from southern Minnesota into northern Iowa. (MORE: The Science Behind Naming Winter Storms | Winter Storm Central), "It's simply easier to communicate about a complex storm if it has a name, which our naming program has demonstrated," said Bryan Norcross, former senior hurricane specialist at The Weather Channel and compiler of past lists. Winter Storm Fisher brought a New Year's snow to the city. At least a foot of snow fell Friday into Saturday in southeastern South Dakota, southern Minnesota and eastern Wisconsin, including a report of 15 inches near Heron Lake, Minnesota. Using these criteria, the number of named winter storms has been consistent over six seasons. Ulmer brought snow to parts of the Pacific Northwest, mountains of Southern California and the Four Corners region March 11-12 before spreading eastward into the Rockies and Plains. Exit 14 on Interstate 93 in Boston was also closed because of tidal flooding. Enough moisture and heat was available at lower elevations that a funnel cloud was spotted at a spring training event in Peoria, Arizona, near Phoenix, during the afternoon of Feb. 22. "Safety is our number one priority and with the anticipated storm impacting most of New York State, we are implementing this ban on tractor trailers and buses so our plow operators, fire, law enforcement and emergency personnel can keep roads clean and respond to emergencies as quickly as possible," Cuomo said. A train was blown off the tracks in northern New Mexico. The original 1980 study that coined the term "bomb" therefore suggested adjusting the more common definition by latitude. Northern Arizona got pounded by several feet of snow, smashing an all-time record calendar-day snow in Flagstaff, and dumping 10 to 18 inches of snow in Kingman. Winter Storm Diego dumped heavy snow and damaging ice across the Southeast Dec. 8-9. Winter Storm Diego formed on December 5. According to winter weather expert Tom Niziol of The Weather Channel, there were 24 named winter storms in the 2017-18 season. Rain stretched eastward through South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. Monday morning, more than 23,000 customers in Pennsylvania and 11,000 in Conneticut were still without electricity, according to PowerOutage.us. Diego's top snow total was 34 inches at Mount Mitchell in western North Carolina. South Dakota's Gov. "Now we have 1 less (snowplow) to clear the road. In North Dakota, Interstate 29 was closed from Grand Forks to the Canadian border. Johnny Poulos. Winter Storm Gia formed on January 10. Indianapolis reported a 65-mph wind gust on the morning of Feb. 24, and Detroit and Saginaw, Michigan, gusted to 61 mph that afternoon. ET Saturday. The stormy side of Quiana was responsible for spinning up an EF3 tornado that struck Columbus, Mississippi, late Feb. 23. Once a storm is named by any National Met Service globally, that name is retained if the storm moves out of that jurisdiction and into other waters. On September 16, 2018, TGMC revised their prediction after a change in the weather pattern, with most of the United States being very warm and wet, much like 2015-16 and 2016-17, causing a very snowy swath from Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri, where the most blizzards could occur, and very snowy conditions in the Cascades and Rockies. Two people were killed in the Jacksonville area when their car veered off U.S. 67/167 before colliding with a tree. Strong winds behind Quiana produced wind gusts of 70 to 80 mph near the shores of lakes Erie and Ontario in western and central New York Feb. 24-25, with 40- to 65-plus-mph gusts reported over a rather large swath of the Midwest, Great Lakes, Appalachians and Northeast. Among the names on this year's list include Heulwen, Klaas and Saidhbhin. ", (AMS BLOG: It's Time For Weather Community Cooperation on Naming Winter Storms). Winter Storm Ulmer was named on the afternoon of March 11, with the expectation that areal criterion – that is, 400,000 square kilometers (248,548 square miles) under winter storm warnings – would be met the following day. The National Weather Service in Minneapolis said up to 23 inches of snow were expected overnight, with a potential layer of ice on top, and winds could gust as high as 50 mph. A pedestrian walks in the morning snow during an early spring storm on April 2, in New York City. A practice established by the US National Hurricane Center in the 1970s sees storms named in an alternating male/female pattern - so the next storm will be 'female' and named Bronagh.

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