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An gina birnin Concepción a shekara ta 1550. For other places with the same name, see Concepción (disambiguation).. Concepción is the second largest city of Chile with a population of almost 227,000 (out of Concepción province's 946,000) as of 2016. Other commercial spots, related to food, are the Vega Monumental and Mercado Central de Concepción (Central Market of Concepción) places offering various services and agricultural and livestock products. [10] The tsunami that followed missed the city. However, this moderation is evident for the entire Chilean Pacific so is not unique for Concepción. Population: ~ 220,000. The city center and historic district is located in the Valle de la Mocha (La Mocha Valley), where it relocated after serious damages left by an earthquake. About Concepción: The Facts: Region: Bío Bío. The latter contains its capital and largest city, Concepción, a major city and metro area in the country. Although Concepción was a significant military settlement for the Captaincy General of Chile, it was overrun and destroyed by Mapuche armies in 1554, and once again after being refounded in 1555. The neighboring harbor of Talcahuano is the site of the largest naval base in Chile. Understand []. The climate of Concepción is classified as Köppen Csb, with a dry summer nadir in February. Total population: 18 572 127. On February 20, 1835, the town again was largely destroyed by an earthquake and had to be rebuilt. As a commune, Concepcion is home to 14.35% of the total population of the region. When the First National Government Board met in Santiago on September 18, 1810, citizens of Concepción joined up. With a population of 1.5 million, thus being the third most populated region in Chile, it is divided into three provinces: Arauco, Biobío and Concepción. More than 90 percent of the country’s population lives between Copiapó in the north and Concepción in the south. The following members are:[1]. Understand. It is on the coast of Southern Chile.. Concepción is a ceety an commune o Chile.The ceety is the seicont-lairgest conurbation (Greater Concepción), wi a population o aroond 889,725 an aurie o 222 km2.Its the maist populous ceety an metropolitan aurie in the sooth o Chile, an is the caipital o the Concepción Province an … Chile has a land mass of 756,096.3 square kilometers which equates to 291,930.4 square miles and makes it the 38th largest country in the world in terms of surface area alone.. The regions of Chile as well as all urban agglomerations and isolated cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants. (360019)", "CLIMAT summary for 85682: Concepcion (Chile) – Section 2: Monthly Normals", Severe air pollution plagues Chilean cities, "Festival "Rock en Conce" ya tiene fecha y lugar", "#FotosRP: ¡Todo un éxito Rock En Conce 2019! The data for this record was last updated 5/3/12 . The city is located in the countries Central Valley. Population. Total number of cities: 48. Chile Area and Population Density. Timezone The time zone id for Concepción is America/Santiago. The city has a French international school, the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle and a German school, the Colegio Alemán de Concepción and a British school, Saint John's School, the former located in the city downtown and the latter examples in San Pedro de la Paz.[17]. It is on the coast of the Biobío Region. According to data collected on 2002 in the Census of the National Institute of Statistics, the township has an area of 221.6 km (86 sq mi) and a population of 216,061 inhabitants, of whom 103,860 are men and 112,201 are women. It was given a coat-of-arms that is still in use today. Today, Chile is well known for its rich cultural heritage, as well as its beautiful natural sights such as the world famous Torres Del Paine National Park. The current metro area population of Concepcion in 2020 is 881,000, a 1.38% increase from 2019. The first Intendant of Concepción was the Irishman Ambrose O'Higgins, Marquis of Osorno, who later became Royal Governor of Chile and Viceroy of Peru. Concepción was used as the point of entry by the Spanish Army in the attempt by the Viceroyalty of Peru to re-conquer Chile. Concepción is known as "the university city"[14][15] thanks to the numerous universities within the urban agglomeration,[16] since one of the most important universities of the country were founded here, such as the Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción and Universidad del Biobío. 2020-07-02 According to the 2017 census , the three most populous urban agglomerations Santiago , Valparaíso and Concepción have a population of 6,160,040, of 901,468, and of 722,929, respectively. Enjoy Historical Charms In A College Town, Founded By Pedro De Valdivia In 1550. [18] The maritime cooling brings much cooler temperatures than nearby inland areas on the same parallel in Argentina, where average summer highs match Concepción's all-time records. The effects were felt as far away as São Paulo, Brazil—2,870 miles (4,620 km). Ñuble consists of 21 communes that form three newly established provinces: Diguillín, Itata and Punilla. The population of the regions and provinces of Chile. It would be held outdoors, in the city's Parque Bicentenario (Bicentennial Park), and access to it would be free. According to the 2017 census, the three most populous urban agglomerations Santiago, Valparaíso and Concepción have a population of 6,160,040, of 901,468, and of 722,929, respectively. An earthquake in 1953 damaged 15% of the town's buildings. The Universidad de Concepción was created in 1919 by a group of citizens including Enrique Molina Garmendia, its first rector. As a commune, Concepción is a third-level administrative division of Chile administered by a municipal council, headed by an alcalde who is directly elected every four years. Concepción (IPA: Kon.sepˈsjon) birni ne, da ke a yankin Concepción, a ƙasar Chile.Ita ce babban birnin yankin Concepción. Earthquakes and tsunamis, which razed the town in 1570, 1657, 1687, 1730 and 1751, led the authorities to move the town to its current site in the Valle de la Mocha, alongside the Bío Bío River; the old site lay empty until March 29, 1842, when the present town of Penco was founded. It is on the coast of Southern Chile.Concepción has about 212,000 residents. Due to the previous location of Concepción being where Penco currently stands, inhabitants of Concepción are called penquistas while inhabitants of Penco are known as pencones. [13], Like most of Chilean territory, the Concepción region is seismically active, with much of Concepción destroyed by a violent earthquake in 1939. residential cities that do not have a center with many shops, as is the case of Concepcion. Concepción was restored during the governorship of García Hurtado de Mendoza when he landed there and built a fort on the Alto de Pinto in 1557. It sits about 500 km south of the nation's capital, Santiago. Contents: Subdivision The population development in Biobío as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). Province: Concepción. The event “Chile: Re-boost to Investment and New Business Opportunities” focused on debate about the challenges facing the global and local economy in the context of economic reactivation; it also included the announcement of investments by overseas companies. Interrogación: ¿Cuál es la población de Concepción? ", "Inauguran hito "Concepción: Capital del Rock" en antesala de festival REC 2018", "Concepción, ¿cuna del rock? Population: 215,413 People Concepción was founded by Pedro de Valdivia in 1550 north of the Bío-Bío River, at the site which is today known as Penco.

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